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EUROTUBI PRESSFITTING Technical Guide - M profile (09/2015)

Technical Guide - V profile

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is a pressfitting system?
For a pressfitting system means the junction between fittings and pipes run through a process of editing certain and defined. They are part of the system to press pipes, fittings with its o-ring seals and pressing equipment used for the production of such joining.

2. With pressfitting, what plants can be achieved?
The connections to press are for typical applications such as hot water and cold water (heating, water idropotabite, refrigeration, etc).

3. What are the advantages of pressfitting system than traditional systems?
Compared to traditional systems of joints, the pressfitting systems are rapier much faster to install with particular savings in assembly time. Very simple and practical, requiring only that the correct techniques installation while ensuring a high assurance seals. The pressfitting system also ensures high resistance to corrosion making it particularly suitable for water distribution for drinking water, because of the bacteriostatic action.

4. What are the main applications of Eurotubi pressfitting systems?
The Eurotubi pressfitting system is ideal for domestic water as well as for industrial and naval installations. The Eurotubi pressfitting system is also recommended for heating, conditioning, hydraulic cooling, fire-prevention as well as for compressed air systems.

5. Are the Eurotubi Europa pressfitting systems safe?
The quality of used materials, constant sealing and duration tests and the adoption of a rigorous quality control allowed Eurotubi pressfitting system to obtain the conformity with the strictest European certifications.

6. What models of pressfitting system produces Eurotubi?
Eurotubi produces the following pressfitting systems: stainless steel, stainless steel gas, carbon steel, big size and cupronickel.

7. Is a technical manual for pressfitting systems online?
Yes, you can fine the technical guide for pressfitting systems on the home page of the site.

8. Eurotubi has a customer support for pressfitting systems?
Yes, of course, our experts are at the service of clients to help them at all times for pressfitting systems.

9. Where Eurotubi exports its pressfitting systems?
Eurotubi is a highly professional and organized company, so it is able to export its pressfitting systems all over the world.

10. How can I contact Eurotubi?
You can contact Eurotubi by email or by phone:
Tel (+39) 0362.365068
Fax (+39) 0362.41099
Eurotubi is based in Via Croce Rossa Italiana, 12 - 20834 Nova Milanese (MILAN) – ITALY.


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