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EUROTUBI PRESSFITTING Technical Guide - M profile (09/2015)

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Pressfitting_characteristics The Eurotubi pressfitting system is very easy and quick to install and only uses AISI 316L stainless steel, carbon steel, cupronickel.

The fittings used in pressfitting system have a toroidal chamber at their own ends inside which there's a EPDM rubber ring: this has a very strong resistance against aging, it can resist to high pressures and also to temperatures higher than 110 degrees.

In the Eurotubi pressfitting system, special electromechanical jaws give a strain to the toroidal chamber and are used for pressing the fittings on the tubes. The O-ring, once compressed, guarantees a coupling which is perfectly sealing compound and no longer divisible.


Advantages of Pressfitting

  • Best solution for pressfitting
  • Compatible of pressfitting system
  • Easy and quick way of laying
  • Hydrothermosanitary applications
  • Eurotubi long-term experience
  • Low cost of labour
  • No gluing
  • Pressfitting system made by best material
  • Reliability of the joints
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Security of hygiene
Nowadays the Eurotubi Pressfitting system of cold pressing with stainless steel tubes and fittings represents the most modern and reliable solution within hydrothermosanitary applications. The stainless steel is certainly the best material in security of hygiene compared with others such as plastic, iron and copper and can provide a high resistance to corrosion.

The pressfitting system combines the extreme reliability of the joints with the easy and quick way of laying as it does not need any gluing, threading or welding. As a consequence, the major costs of material are fully balanced by the extremely low cost of labour.

Thanks to the long-term experience within the field of steel workings, Eurotubi is now able to provide a competitiveness beyond comparison. The Eurotubi pressfitting system is also compatible with the other most important brands of fittings on the market.

Pressing tools

In the pressfitting system, the process of pressing is made by electromechanical tools, having jaws whose diameter shall correspond to the one of the fitting to be used. Eurotubi Pressfittng system is compatible with any pressing tool which is equipped with jaws like Mapress®. As a consequence, it is possible to use tools of several brands such Novopress and Klauke which have been tested by Eurotubi successfully. A correct cleaning of the jaws pressing profile is recommended by using a degreasing product.


pressfitting_tool pressfitting_tool
pressfitting_tool pressfitting_tool


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